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Hey all. I'm just looking for some opinions as far as taking the riders courses. Is there any women out there that have went into taking the riders course with absolutely no knowledge/experiance at all that could give me your opinion on them or where to begin? I've wanted to ride for a long time, and have been a passenger many times, but it ends there. I currently drive, but have not yet driven even a standard car (though I would love to learn, and have people that claim they are patient enough, but still a little nervous). Is there anyone that was in this postion before they went to take the course and what is your opinion. Quiet honestly, I know jack about bikes for the most part, and really feel I should have atleast some knowledge on the workings, parts, etc. Is there any reading material anyone can recommend? Quiet frankly I'm kinda in the dark on this sort of thing, and don't really have anyone with the knowledge of it that I can talk to. Incase you can't tell, Im determined to learn, but quiet clueless where to start, and a little nervous working with complete strangers when I have no knowledge of anything. Any suggestions at all would be very helpful. Thx guys!
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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