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Any opinions on YZF600R

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I'm considering purchasing a new yamaha YZF600R - any opinions on this bike - just for weekend fun around the city
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I'm considering purchasing a new yamaha YZF600R - any opinions on this bike - just for weekend fun around the city
Never been on one, but I have heard and read that it is reliable, comfortable, and good value for the dollar.

Is this your first bike?
buy it and dont look back

Best 600 "street bike" out there. Affordable, good power and is almost telepathic to ride. Little heavier so its stable in the wind, throw a double bubble screen on it and your done. Three of my friends bought them, one starting out on it with no problems. Its the KLR of 600's, hasnt changed since MO named it 600 of the year in 97... Better bike than most riders if you want to do a track day or two yet with some soft bags you can easily do 400+ mile days touring. Also if you ride two up they may actually enjoy it, nice big seat. If your looking for a practical do it all 600, it and maybe the zzr cant be beat.
First bike in a long long time - took the mfc as a refresher course
thanks for the response - plan on purchasing this afternoon
Right on, enjoy the ride. Since its your first bike in a while I would stick close to the break in proceedures meaning keep the rpm's down till you get a good feel for the bike. Proper break in threads are on this site but I just tend to not keep the rpm's at any constant levels. Roll the throttle on and off while cruising, shift up and down while riding the speed your at, etc. As long as your doing that you can safely go over the recommended max rpm without worries, though keep them down like I said above. Tires will need to be scrubbed in, so watch those first stops and turns. And I hope you have proper gear, if gear is too expensive, price a skin graft...
You're kidding, right? A sportbike for weekend fun around the city? The urban environment is the natural habitat of the naked standard. Go for that new Triumph 675. Or one of the Monsters. Anything but a fully faired sportbike.
I agree Seruzawa, but some people just want sportbikes.
Does anybody know why a thread closes? Can't post on the What do you think of the new MO thread
Lost of Opinions.

None of them worth anything, though.
God - Get one while you still can!!! The new "A" class 600's are so track orientated that street riding and touring is pain (literally). Lots of mid range, stable, good range, good ergo etc. etc. Get a YZF now!!!
I'd rather have an F4i.
"...just for weekend fun around the city..."

weekend fun around the city usually includes acquiring the company of impressionable young women; so with that in mind, might i suggest:

-ducati 695
-triumph street triple 675 (if ye can wait - we already know what it's going to sound like)
-moto guzzi breva 750 (but this requires that one knows how to dress... tricky)
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