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Well I love my 02 k12rs and them gadgets were the reason for buying. At the time ABS, cruise control, FI, Heated grips, luggage, DC port and adjustability were only BMW mainstays. Granted you could get abs and bags on some bikes but the entire line of BMWs offered them. You could also add all these accessories to any other bike but I liked having them covered under warrentee. That and however delusional I am I trust the factory over the vast majority Mechanics and myself.

You will pay the pinwheel tax, but I havent heard many negatives on the chain drive beemers. Now the new rear hubs on the last couple years shaft beemers are subject to review... Or Sarnali's boxer surging uncontrollably... My only issues over 40k miles was a tight throttle cable from the factory and the stock seat cover coming lose a little. Both taken care of at my first 6k service. The rest has been gas, oil and tires. While they are not perfect or cheap, I do believe you get value for the money.
1 - 1 of 37 Posts
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