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My experience is that BMW's are probably comparable to the Japanese bikes for reliability, but their riders do more of their own maintenance and are more creative about fixes. I ran the Alcan 5000 in 06, and three KTM's broke down and didn't finish, several BMW's were down for a day or less but their owner's managed a road side or hotel repair (one guy cut a new engine cover gasket out of a beer box and went on to finish). None of the KLR's or V-Stroms were out of service to my knowledge.
As far as resale value, BMW is going to be much stronger, but that's what you're paying for up front. The X-country is a cool looking bike and probably will get great mileage for commuting. It's not a street bike and you might miss some of those amenities though.
1 - 1 of 37 Posts
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