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If so, make sure to stop by our Progressive booth on Thunder Road. Just go to Motorcycle Insurance - Progressive Motorcycle/ATV Insurance Official Site click on Events & Rallies on the left-hand navigation, and print out your coupon. Then all you have to do is present that coupon at our booth and you'll get a FREE Exclusive Sucker Punch Sallys custom-designed T-Shirt. The best price is always FREE isn't it? Hahaha well, if you guys are coming, we'll also have some more FREE stuff at our booth and you can enter to win a custom-built Sucker Punch Sallys bike. It's pretty retro looking, too bad I can't enter the giveaway. Oh well, someone else will definitely be happy with it.

See you guys there, and as always, ride safe.

Edit: I noticed I misspelled STURGIS. oops. My fingers are locking up.
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