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Aprilia’s 450/550cc off-road and supermoto bikes

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WOW. A vtwin dirt bike. They look awsome.

Those bikes really raise the bar on off road styling and attention to detail. I would hate to loop out and bend that sub frame/exhaust. probably big money. I wonder how long the lights on the dirt model will last.

I'm sure they will cost way to much for me to consider so I don't have to worry about that.
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That little V-twin is a sassy Italian babe. I would love to see that bike under the Christmas tree.
They really missed the boat by putting 5 speed transmissions in them. I won't buy unless there are at least six speeds. Narrow transmission range is very limiting.

Otherwise, they are beautiful bikes with lots of potential.

It is good to see a manufacturer take a chance on a truely new design! (Hey awake?) My fear in the past, has been to buy an APRILIA and have the only dealer (the next state over) go out of business...This bike looks great!

I'll bet the RXV 550 goes $9995 and the $10795 for the SXV 550. The 450s will be $400 less. Too rich for me, but they'll sell all they build, regardless.

What I'd like to see is $6995 for the RXV 550 and $7495 for the SXV550 with the 450s going $500 less...then again the Duc 999 should go for $12995 too. Just shows my age, I guess...I paid $2200 brand new for a CB900F back in the day...

I predict Suzuki will follow with an affordable copy...a bit heavier and lower powered, but reasonably priced.
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alas the SV400 (which is all over Japan) is huge. I think this is going to be an Aprilia niche for some time.

MX bikes generally have 4 speeds. 5 speeds works fine (on the street too) if the ratios are right (CB750, ZR7 etc). Yes, KTM's tend to have 6'es but a 5 will do fine.
RS450/550 in 2007?

The bikes are very cool but likely priced WAY too high - they probably figure their competition is KTM/Husk and not the Jap4. But I'd love to have that engine in the RS125/250 sport-bike frame. Aprilia Cup racing coming back again?
The SXV has a 180 mm rear tire. Why use such a large tire on a bike that makes no where near the power to justify it?
Probably because this is the size that most premium rubber comes in...
Seeing as how most 450 off-road bikes are going for about $7k, I see the enduro going for around $8k. I can't see any increase for the su-mo.

I'm probably way off, though.

Too bad we never see this sort of innovation or risk taking from the vaunted "modern technology" corporate giants of the rising sun any more.
That adventure tourer on there looked pretty cool too. Aluminum boxes, decent skid plate, engine and headlight guards, substantial hand guards. That tank is ugly as sin, but the rest will fit in with the Adventure Touring crowd.
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