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Aprilia Launches 2003 MotoGP Team

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In Haga's profile, it says he was born in the year 1075. He is one fast SOB for a guy who is nearly 930 years old.
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I saw that. Guess the Japanese are pretty advanced in bio-technology as well!
Maybe that is how he can look so impressive one season and come back the next with such lackluster results! Hope they cloned a good one this time!
Checked out the site...

Watched the intro...

Heart beating fast...

I soooo want this bike to rock this year. This company seems so hardcore about racing and winning that it's hard not to root for them. If they were looking for a racer with the same attitude, I think they got the best in Edwards.

Let's get it on.
You might want to check out the BBS at Colin's web site CHECK IT OUT if you have not already done so.

As with all discussion boards, there is a certain amount of BS, but there is a good group of racing fans who are very well informed about all things related to racing. Colin posts pretty regularly and his dad posts all the time, and you can get a lot of the inside view of what is going on.

The last official tests will be at Barcelona this weekend, with all teams present. There will be a final televised test period (unfortunately not in the US) with the fastest qualifier getting a BMW M5
A regular on the Colin Edwards seb site posted the following explanation:

"...Haga is 928 years old, he is part of the Kikahondass clan, and the fable says 2003 is the year the winged dragon will have it anus ripped out. It also says that he will have a cowboy from the west as his partner to dominate the world....."

Muchas Gracias, you just forced me to waste my entire day!

Thanks for the info Bob.


Re: test

OK, that experiment didn't work -- I was trying to post the picture here directly. To see it, CLICK HERE
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