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Aprilia Mille-R Reader Feedback

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Such beautiful and functional machinery from a relatively new manufacturer. Looks like the "Ducati mystique" has a real life opponent as this bike looks anything BUT Japanese.

Will the R have an inherent advantage in the test over the others because of its suspensory bits and the price at which they are attained?? You will no doubt not compare apples with slightly inferior apples, correct? I mean, which 998 will you use?
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Damn it, I just spent that much yesterday on a used 4Runner. Then again the Ole lady would of killed me getting rid of her Jeep and buying another bike. Uh oh, I just admitted I am an SUV owner, please dont kill me. ;) In my defence I do make between 10-20 trips to the slopes a season (snowboarding is an addiction, one I hope no clinic is ever made to cure) and I also camp and Backpack most summer weekends where two wheel drives fear to tread.

Still though, the Mille's have been catching my eye more and more, its only a matter of time. Oh, and Money...
If I could figure out how to chain up a bike and somehow attach my giant (nicknamed by my friends as the "Door Board") 172 fatbob to it I would probably ride. Rain and near zero temps don't stop me but snow is a different story. Now that the weather is getting better Im seriously looking to try and develop a pull cart for my golf clubs that attaches to my bike.
Ive passed you on the freeway before! Do you have a roadcrafter? If not thats what you need. Wear the MTB gear under and just unzip. Stuff it into one of your bags and your done, ten seconds from bike to bike. Well a shoe change is in order and putting the wheels on. I was going to buy an RT but my legs were too long for the faring. Just like on the honda ST my knee's went into the farings... My RS fits like a glove but granted it doesnt have as good of a rack on it. More of a joke really...
1 - 3 of 77 Posts
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