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Aprilia Mille-R Reader Feedback

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Such beautiful and functional machinery from a relatively new manufacturer. Looks like the "Ducati mystique" has a real life opponent as this bike looks anything BUT Japanese.

Will the R have an inherent advantage in the test over the others because of its suspensory bits and the price at which they are attained?? You will no doubt not compare apples with slightly inferior apples, correct? I mean, which 998 will you use?
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Re: De-restricted part deux

Hey guys, please make sure the Mille R is de-restricted before the track test. For the '02, that requires a restrictor to be removed from the exhaust, air inlet restrictors to be removed from the fresh air ducts going to the airbox, a plate under the air filter to be removed, and a new FI chip to be installed. I'd like to see what it pulls like then. The Road Racing World comparo left it restricted, which doesn't really make much sense.

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