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Re: In order for Aprilia to be competetive...

Ducati neither invented or has a patent on the desmo system. They own patents on so specifics of their system but that is it. The fact that anybody can build a desmo system and no one else, other than a few nut cases like Al Melling, has since the early fifties should tell you what the engine masters think of the desmo.

The guy above talking about pneumatic valves being complex and saying desmo is a better solution really should learn something about a subject before he posts on an international forum. Anybody in Formula One could run a desmo, nobody has for over forty five years. Instead, everybody runs pneumatics, do you see a pattern?

The only reason Ducati still builds the desmo is marketing, do you really think the developers want to have the poor valve control and extra friction that comes with having a rocker arm on the opening side of the valve train and 16 rocker arms in a two cylinder engine? Not to mention the bulk and reciprocating weight.

Now that Ducati has fair competition (Honda and Aprilia) their bike don't look superior anymore, do they? They still have a great team, strong riders and will do well but they haven't been dominant since the non-desmo twins showed up. They made a big noise over the winter about how getting the narrow head (basically just catching them up to everybody else on porting and valve angles) homologated was going to put them on top. Did anybody see who had the top end in Valencia?

Dr. T thought the desmo was the best system for valve control but he also thought roller bearings, built up cranks and shims were the best way to build a bottom end. If you want to talk about engineering you should really read something besides a Ducati brochure. I don't dislike Ducati, I used to own one and remember it foundly. I do get very tired of people who obviously know even less than me (I am an engineer but not a mechanical engineer) quoting marketing BS as facts.
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