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This whole GP thing is ludicrous. Making a displacement limit and bringing in 4 strokes is asking for huge costs. You want cool racing and big-but-not-moonshot-costs? Try this one on for size: run what you brung. Any engine is OK. Absolutely anything.

Now, I know people are going to say "They'll build 1000hp death machines!" Well, they would if they had a way to put it to the ground. In F1 and Indy, such a beast is possible because of the gigantic wings and tires they have. On a bike, you are pretty much limited to around 200hp.

With 1000cc, they will get 200hp and spend a king's ransom for it. With an open engine potential, they might make a 750 two stroke with 200 hp or a 1500 Vtwin or a 1200 V6. either way, they wouldn't be needing electromechanical valves, 18,000rpm and $50 million a year in engine money.

Trying to conatin cost by containing engine size NEVER works. It does the opposite and in moto GP, it could result in costs that kill the series.
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