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Further Elaboration Please!

***TAKEN FROM "THE APRILLA FORUM"*** (I Googled "Aprilla Brake Problems btw).

Please do not ride your bike if you are not absolutely certain that the brakes are working properly. If you monkey with the actuating rod on front (at the lever) or rear (at the pedal) brake be sure you have detectable free-play. If there is no free-play it can prevent fluid return to the reservoir and cause brake application and lock-up as system temperature rises."
I was wondering if you could further elaborate upon what you discussed above? I recently installed a new brake lever and since the installation my brakes seem to "build" pressure as I use them until they lock up. I was wondering what I did to cause this problem and what I can do to remedy it.

Thanks very much
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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