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Listen if the manufacture hasent admitted fault by means of a recall, then good luck. Bleeding brakes seems always a mystery for most. Whenever I can I avoid bleeding always go for the flush. Flushing only ever requires a plastic bottle, clear tubing that will make a sealed fit around your bleed nipple.

If you absolutely have to bleed the brake's' do things such as filling the caliper(s) first to make it easier to bleed.

Also not found on all bikes but easy to aquire and essential to bleeding brakes is a master cylinder bleed bolt. A much easier way to bleed brakes,... it's a bleed nipple and intergrated into your bajo bolt located by your master and holding on your front brake line on. Remember air gets trapped at the highest point of the line. Good luck. Let us know what happens and if the manufacture takes responsibility if there is a real problem.
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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