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Aprilia - Say it aint so!

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Just yesterday did I upchuck a thought about my Aprilia for the 2004 Shoot-out - and today this. Get Bush to pay the measely 147mil needed. Oh, wait, I forgot, US politicians (Arnie excluded) prefer to drive over rather than with motorcyclists... :)

I agree with Sean in that it is more likely that somebody will take over Aprilia (and it's assets: Ducati is showing interest in Moto Guzzi). This may well come from a non-motorcycle company (automotive?), just like MV Agusta recently.

On the other hand, if production stops my bike will be like a Norton in a couple of years, a collectors item ($$$). Ok, a couple of decades...
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I had a couple more years of saving to do for my Tuono. Will the Brutale be around when I have the cash together? Anybody know financially how sound MV is? There go my hopes for a Laverda Jota revival. BTW, how are U.S. scooter sales doing now that gas is the price of milk?
Still beats the hell out of my Dodge pickpup but not as much fun I bet ;) If I were a drop of gas I'd rather be burned in a Brutale than just about anything else.
Re: again the HD faithfull refuse to admit that change is possible

I have a feeling that the Japanese will be in the same boat the Brits were in the late '60s once the Chinese drop down the learning curve a bit. There can be only one low cost producer and I don't see anyone doing that better than China. There rest must compete on quality, service or some perceived blend of both. Makes Harley look all the smarter. Carve a niche and circle the wagons. Let the tariff wars begin.
I tend to avoid those things built by the low bidder, Mil-Spec or no.
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