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Guzzi is on the block and if Duc doesn't buy the brand I will, at that point, conclude that most Italians are truly nuts. I had no idea the money problems with Aprilia would lead to shutting down the operation. The rumors say that there are money bags out there for Aprilia to pick up but who really knows. If I were Petronas I'd be talking to Foggy about the idea of aquisition. Foggy, I believe, would not be unhappy about using the resources and R&D done by Aprilia to advance the FP1 effort. The two companies have taken different approaches to racing but both efforts are solid and expanding the Petronas line could only help get the street motorcycles effort rolling with a little more steam. I would hate to see some wanker automobile company buy Aprilia and screw it up. The real looser will be Laverda. That brand is toast. Here's one for you, how about HD allowing the Buell brand to buy Aprilia. The money's there. Buell would suddenly take a leap forward and may actually be able to be competitive in superbike/supersport racing. Just something to think about.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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