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Aprilia Sold to Piaggio

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I hope this means we shall see the Guzzi MGS-01 etc. I have recently gotten a jones for a Lemans. By the way any MOFO's have any thoughts on the Lemans? I am looking for a sport tourer with character to replace my VFR 800. How is reliability etc.?
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I owned 2 Guzzis V11 Sport, one with Ohlins the other regular. Dont bother regarding reliablity. Not very good. They leak, are heavy but look and sound nice. Try a VStrom for touring:)
Have had a 2002 Lemans for a year now. A few modifications to make it a bit more comfortable as a "sports tourer"....

-slightly taller windscreen glass (from Germany)

-reworked seat (Rich Maund, Virginia)

-Some other bits like a Stucchi luggage rack and Throttlemeisters to make trips a little more convenient/comfortable)

Regarding reliability, in a little over 11 months/~12,000 miles I had nary a problem. The neutral indicator switch was dodgy though, not working occasionally. Mechanically, zero problems for me.

Check out for a boat load of info on the V11 spine-framed Guzzis. It's an invaluable resource. The Lemans always puts a HUGE smile on my face.
Piaggio is huge and a good example of a company that's risen from the asshes. Hell they make aircraft too. What better way to tap into the big bike category than to buy a company that's gone through most of the growing pains already. You should know I'm saying this mostly because I still want to be able to find parts for my Tuono 5 years from now. The one exception is if I have to walk into a Vespa shop to order a head gasket for a 998cc V-Twin it's not going to sit too well with me. I just might have to trash the place.
MO daily has a piece on the aquisition and aparently Moto Guzzi will build the MGS-01 and the Griso. I'm guessing that Aprilia will still offer all of it's bikes as well. VWW
I'm somewhat relieved Ducati didn't buy Aprilia. I was concerned it would lead to certain Aprilia models (Tuono & Futura mainly) no longer being made which would be a shame.

Now this scooter Piaggio company, here's the details off their web site on the X9:

The X9 Evolution 500 satisfies all needs. Agile, easy to handle and the most compact of all maxi scooters. Once out of town, it's able to shift character and open up to wide open spaces with remarkable ease.

The X9 Evolution 500 offers a level of superior technology, total comfort and is richly endowed with special features and accessories.


• Featuring 39 bhp and a top speed of 98 mph, the X9 Evolution 500's

electronic injection engine exceeds EPA & CARB environmental regulations.

• Three disc brakes in a linked braking system to make stopping safer

• Analog and digital instrumentation panel with an exclusive on board


• Windscreen adjustable to three different positions

Uh, so that's a "scooter" these days?
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I definitely think this is more compatible marriage than with Ducati. If Ducati was the groom I think there would of been too much tension in the family. Good news for Aprilia and MG fans, big bikes will survive and possibly thrive. I think Ducati would of killed the Aprilia sport bikes.
if ducati was the groom they would call it same sex marriage.
So who does own Moto Guzzi now? I have been waiting but not very patiently for the Breva 1100. With a set of hardbags I'd be ready to rock'n roll across the country.
Piaggio owns Guzzi. However, don't be surprised if they sell it to Ducati anyway.
That weird Guzzi motor with some Ducati styling, now that would be my kind of ride!
Maybe this merger will produce a nice mid-size bike, with good stuff like fuel injection, liquid cooling, lightweight frame and primo suspension. Where have all the 250-350cc street bikes gone, anyway? Do you guys think there is a market for smaller bikes in the US anymore? A standard UJM type of bike.

It would be nice, so I wouldn’t have to dig up an old Honda 350 every decade or so.

Every once in a while the Japanese send one over here and it just sits on the showroom floor gathering dust. Excellent samller displacement bikes like the EX500 and the GS500 sell poorly. Everyone wants a Big Twin or a 1,000,000hp sportbike to learn on apparently.

Yes, the forgotten bikes. The EX and GS are holdovers from the days of 35mm fork tubes.

Pretty fast, in their own right, and damn near indestructible.

I remember some really fast 250 & 350 twins back in them thar days. Could put a hurting on a big bike, within limits, of course.

If someone (Piaggio, are you listening?) would put a motor, like something out of the new CRF450, in a street frame, (ala the Yam SR500) I'd buy three.

I have to agree with you, too many newbees on big bikes, with their feet down going through red lights. Kind of like learing how to fly in an F16 vs. a Cessna 150. Scary and terminal.

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Bring back the Nuevo Falcone!
No kidding. I'm a RiderCoach here in Texas and am amazed at the number of people that take the BRC and then run out and buy an R1 or a VTX1800. It's always a hoot watching them take a corner. Don't people know what a beginner's bike is for. I try to get them to purchase a 250 Nighthawk or Rebel and spend 6 months learning how to really ride before something bigger but it doesn't work.
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