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I'm somewhat relieved Ducati didn't buy Aprilia. I was concerned it would lead to certain Aprilia models (Tuono & Futura mainly) no longer being made which would be a shame.

Now this scooter Piaggio company, here's the details off their web site on the X9:

The X9 Evolution 500 satisfies all needs. Agile, easy to handle and the most compact of all maxi scooters. Once out of town, it's able to shift character and open up to wide open spaces with remarkable ease.

The X9 Evolution 500 offers a level of superior technology, total comfort and is richly endowed with special features and accessories.


• Featuring 39 bhp and a top speed of 98 mph, the X9 Evolution 500's

electronic injection engine exceeds EPA & CARB environmental regulations.

• Three disc brakes in a linked braking system to make stopping safer

• Analog and digital instrumentation panel with an exclusive on board


• Windscreen adjustable to three different positions

Uh, so that's a "scooter" these days?
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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