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Aprilia Superbike Test Results

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Why does Corser's bike have no front fender?
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Duh! It seldom rains on the plains in Spain.
Ben is going to kick some A%##[email protected]% this year (Don't want to upset the PC crowd). The Americans are back. I think Nicky Hayden, Roberts and maybe Eric Bostrum will go to World Superbike next year. Or maybe GP's
It either creates lift or downforce and, Corser probably didn't like the effect of it.

The Yamaha YZR250's run without them sometimes too.

You're so right, the Americans are going to start dominating world MC racing again. I just hope that doesn't mean a complete drain on the talent racing in AMA.

BTW, it is Bostrom, B O S T R O M. I'm just tired of seeing people spell his name wrong. I even flamed one of the MO staffers when they did it.

I know that's how it sounds, and it rhymes with rostrum, but you don't spell it that way.

or maybe they found that the little protection it gave had little effect on anything, and so ditched it

it seems like it is just sponsor-space on most bikes, anyway
Aprilia Superbike Colors

Hopefully Aprilia will stick with the ultra cool matte black/red color combo seen in the picture versus that yellow abortion from the year ending Brands Hatch round.
Re: Aprilia Superbike Colors

I liked the yellow. Go figure.
Taking the front mudguard off is a way of getting a bit more air into the radiator. They do it if it's hot and their engine is running a bit too warm. Maybe that new motor in the Aprilia is putting out more heat, as well as more power.
Re: Aprilia Superbike Colors

I like the blue/black that Aprilia shows as a 2001 color on its website, reminds me of my old 1990 ZX-6 colors. Hope its available state-side, I am buying a Mille this spring.

Hey, whatever your color preference, thank God they cleaned up the license plate bracket/reflector abortion they had hung on the rear at first.
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