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Aprilia Tests at Monza

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Get over it, Gixxer fans, the R1 won!

Not that this has anything to do with the article, but the article doesn't seem to have anything to do with anything, either.
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The Superbike race (if we're talking World Superbike) at Monza is May 13, not April, which would be this Friday. Next WSC round is April 20-22 at Phillips Island, Australia.

Kind of Scary that Aprilia who looked good so far, are doing some serious testing. If they get any better for the rest of the season, there may be nothing to stop Corser from winning the championship.
Hehehe, Yes sir, that's what I like to hear. Yes, the R1 won, you guys quit complaining.
Aprilia is serious about winning races, that's for sure.

Any bets on who'll be Aprilia' GP "500" riders next year. Maybe a bit off the topic, but do you think Corser is in their plans?

Here's my bet:

Factory Aprilia:

Jeremy McWiliams

Regis Laconi

Satellite team maybe?



It's a pity about them totally going out of WSBK, but with this being their last year as a factory team in SBK, you can bet that they're going to make a big go of it.
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Have they officially annoucned that this is their last year in WSBK?
Corser and McWilliams on Factory

Harada and Laconi will stay on 250's.

I have spoken, make it so...
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