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Wow! it would be great if we could see more than just the Honda's and Yamms up front.

Way to go Colin and Aprilia!

Now if the motogp bikes would just filter thier way down to me. Oh, how painful would the choice be between a street RC211v and 'prilia Cube.

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According to Colin Edwards Snr (SNR to those who know him), Colin was turning 33.6 earlier in the day, on race tires. SNR was not sure if the 33.2 was on race or qualifiers and is trying to get through to CEII to find out for sure.

Yesterday's test was a washout, basically, as Michelin had been doing F1 rain tire testing over the prior several days, wetting the track and using a chemical water-wetter,which left a residue on the track (CEII said you could see the tracks the bikes left) which was very slippery.

Anyway, for those who are so sure that this will be another Honda Cup, it looks like Ducati and Aprilia, as well as Yamaha, have other ideas. Hopefully the new Suzuki will be ready to mis it up in there as well.


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Recent Valencia Times

Recent Valencia Times (from various sources)

Alex Barros Yamaha M1 1'32.8 jan-03

Carlos Checa Yamaha M1 1'32.9 jan-03

Colin Edwards Aprilia RS3 1'33.2 feb-03

Nori Haga Aprilia RS3 1’33.5 feb-03

Tohru Ukawa Honda RC211V 1'33.7 dec-02

Shinya Nakano Yamaha M1 1'33.7 jan-03

Carlos Checa Yamaha M1 1'33.7 dec-02

Max Biaggi Honda RC211V 1'33.9 nov-02

Alex Barros Yamaha M1 1'34.0 dec-02

Shinya Nakano Yamaha M1 1'34.2 dec-02

Sete Gibernau Honda RC211V 1'34.3 nov-02

Daijiro Kato Honda RC211V 1'34.5 dec-02

Carlos Checa Yamaha M1 1'34.6 nov-02

Marco Melandri Yamaha M1 1'34.7 jan-03

Olivier Jacque Yamaha M1 1'34.8 nov-02

Colin Edwards Aprilia RS-3 1'34.8 dec-02

Olivier Jacque Yamaha M1 1'35.1 dec-02

Troy Bayliss Ducati Desmo. 1'35.4 nov-02

Andrew Pitt Kawasaki ZXRR 1'35.4 nov-02

Nick Hayden Honda RC211V 1'35.5 dec-02

Loris Capirossi Ducati Desmo. 1'35.8 nov-02

Garry McCoy Kawasaki ZXRR 1'36.0 nov-02

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Colin questions the 33.2 time

This was just posted on Colin Edwards web site. Looks like the 33.2 time posted on MotoGP (and reportedly on the Aprilia site) may be somewhat suspect. Still the 33.6 on race tires is pretty good.

Author: Colin Edwards II (

Date: 02-07-03 21:00


Funny how things get started and snowball. The truth is I did a load of 33's on race tires and 33.6 was my best. Nori got going in the afternoon and recorded a 33.8. The 33.2 that was reported? Who knows? I'll fill you in more later,but I can hear Gracie wanting some attention. Ciao for now.

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