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I agree with your comments about the press release. Albeit, all of the manufacturers are doing the same thing. Pretty much everything out there right now about the 4-stroke GP machines is what's fed to us by the factories.

Actually, 2001 was Regis' first year on the Aprilia RSV. Before that, I believe he rode a Red Bull Yamaha 500GP bike. If I recall correctly, he doesn't have a great deal of time in the saddle of 4-stroke bikes. So, for him to have done as well as he did in 2001 in a venue that he wasn't terribly familiar with, is a great testament to his adaptability and skill. He's young, and experienced enough in GP to hopefully be able to mesh his experience with the new tech of the 4-strokes. I'm really glad to see a builder like Aprilia take this step. This machine should certainly be a better direction than that ill-begotten 400 twin!
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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