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Arai announces new Astral

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Do not go to as they make no mention of the Astral.
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Re: Arai announces new Astral ...BUT is it quieter?!?

This all sounds good but is it any quieter than the Quantum/f? I've got a head like Charlie Brown so the Quantum is the only thing I can wear that dosn't give me a headache after 3 or 4 hours but the damn thing is so loud I need earplugs for anything longer than commuter duty.
Is this one $500+ and only cost a fraction of that to make?
Lawsuits, Momma, lawsuits. Gotta fund the squids and their lawyers...
That, and you also have to pay for the reasearch and development costs, advertisements/promotions, and all the ones that didn't pass spec.
Have you tried SHOEI RF800/900?

Your comment on Quantum/F noise caught my attention as I'm in the market for 1 (mainly due to the fit & comfort, along with some cool graphics). I've worn AGV and currently commute with a SHOEI RF800. It's extremely quiet compared to my old AGV. Very comfortable fit. Great shield system (I'll 2nd Sport Rider magazine's opinion in their helmet test article). The outer shell profile seemed to be a bit larger than most other helmets in the SHOEI line and ARAI (although it does NOT seem to weight substantially more). The Quantum/F seemed to be nice and light when I tried it in the store (just from a preliminary head wiggle test). $400 for the Quantum/F. Noisy you said?... humm...??
Re: Arai announces new Astral ...BUT is it quieter?!?

I too have a Quantum/F, I traded in my old AGV for it. The Quantum is very comfortable, and quieter than the AGV, but you do have to wear ear plugs or risk going deaf. It is my understanding that all full coverage helmets are fairly noisy and you have to wear ear plugs.

I bought mine based on fit and magazine tests, I am not sorry. Got a good discount by shopping around, but still very expensive.
FI you ever look at the production process of Arai you would understand. Quality is not cheap once they reach the snell rating all offer same level of protection the diffrence is in fit and weight and quality. I ride alot Daily and it is worth having soemthing that fits well Arai does that nothing nt my shoei or agv or simpson or suomy have ever come close.

Didn't Arai announce a while back that they were going to sue everyone who posted the company name on the Internet? What ever happened to that?

Just for the record books, Shoei helmets fit my head the best.
Re: Have you tried SHOEI RF800/900?

Quantum/f is no more noisy than RF800 - had them both, RF800 caused me a good deal of head ache on more-than-1-hour rides. Got Arai as a birthday present from Mom, wore it for a year, than one day I had to take the Shoei (Arai was drying after a washing), felt horrible - far from comparison, both the feeling on the head and the sound which was no quieter, not even mentioning ventilation - and in a hot country like mine, it is one of the priorities for a helmet choice. Also, Arai's fog dispersion system proved excellent. The price scares the pants out of an average buyer, especially of the best models of their lineup - I saved on colour and asked a single-coloured version, saved my mother a good deal of money, while getting one of the best helmets available. I don't know if it's overpriced, but I know that you only buy a helmet once, and if you use the bike for transportation like I do, having a good helmet is well worth the money.

BTW, lowering the jaw shield has a good side effect - it lessens the noise.. Another Arai bonus.
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Yeah, it takes 2 million dollars to do reasearch on a helmet that uses the same materials as last year and fits a little better. Slight cosmetic changes and maybe better venting but nothing out of the ordinary. As for promotional, they sponsor riders and pay for ads, but so do other helmet companies.
Re: Have you tried SHOEI RF800/900?

RE: "I don't know if it's overpriced, but I know that you only buy a helmet once"

Helmets do have an expiry date. Most companies recommend you change them around 5 years after purchase or before 7 years since it was manufactured, per Snell specifications, due to deterioration in the shell and interior materials. Better safe then sorry, no?
I'm sure they had to research it at one time or another. :)

Oh, and I almost forgot one of the largest parts of the cost, dealer markup!
Re to Jack R750: Have you tried SHOEI RF800/900?

Jack R750

Thanks for the comments. Didn't want to give the impression that I thought the Quantum/F was over priced. I liked the helmet. FrankS1 comment on noise made me think twice. Agreed with all on getting the best lid to protect my grape. What the heck, I'll get one this weekend. Thanks.
Go to They have great prices on helmets and accessories!
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