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Arai announces new Astral

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Do not go to as they make no mention of the Astral.
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Have you tried SHOEI RF800/900?

Your comment on Quantum/F noise caught my attention as I'm in the market for 1 (mainly due to the fit & comfort, along with some cool graphics). I've worn AGV and currently commute with a SHOEI RF800. It's extremely quiet compared to my old AGV. Very comfortable fit. Great shield system (I'll 2nd Sport Rider magazine's opinion in their helmet test article). The outer shell profile seemed to be a bit larger than most other helmets in the SHOEI line and ARAI (although it does NOT seem to weight substantially more). The Quantum/F seemed to be nice and light when I tried it in the store (just from a preliminary head wiggle test). $400 for the Quantum/F. Noisy you said?... humm...??
Re to Jack R750: Have you tried SHOEI RF800/900?

Jack R750

Thanks for the comments. Didn't want to give the impression that I thought the Quantum/F was over priced. I liked the helmet. FrankS1 comment on noise made me think twice. Agreed with all on getting the best lid to protect my grape. What the heck, I'll get one this weekend. Thanks.
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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