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Arai announces new Astral

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Do not go to as they make no mention of the Astral.
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Re: Have you tried SHOEI RF800/900?

Quantum/f is no more noisy than RF800 - had them both, RF800 caused me a good deal of head ache on more-than-1-hour rides. Got Arai as a birthday present from Mom, wore it for a year, than one day I had to take the Shoei (Arai was drying after a washing), felt horrible - far from comparison, both the feeling on the head and the sound which was no quieter, not even mentioning ventilation - and in a hot country like mine, it is one of the priorities for a helmet choice. Also, Arai's fog dispersion system proved excellent. The price scares the pants out of an average buyer, especially of the best models of their lineup - I saved on colour and asked a single-coloured version, saved my mother a good deal of money, while getting one of the best helmets available. I don't know if it's overpriced, but I know that you only buy a helmet once, and if you use the bike for transportation like I do, having a good helmet is well worth the money.

BTW, lowering the jaw shield has a good side effect - it lessens the noise.. Another Arai bonus.
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