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Arai announces new Astral

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Do not go to as they make no mention of the Astral.
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That, and you also have to pay for the reasearch and development costs, advertisements/promotions, and all the ones that didn't pass spec.
Re: Have you tried SHOEI RF800/900?

RE: "I don't know if it's overpriced, but I know that you only buy a helmet once"

Helmets do have an expiry date. Most companies recommend you change them around 5 years after purchase or before 7 years since it was manufactured, per Snell specifications, due to deterioration in the shell and interior materials. Better safe then sorry, no?
I'm sure they had to research it at one time or another. :)

Oh, and I almost forgot one of the largest parts of the cost, dealer markup!
1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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