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Stupid shield mechanicals!

Fifth, or sixth time I removed the shield to thouroughly clean it, I broke it trying to re-install. Never a clue as to how it worked; exactly which wiggle, waggle, press, pinch, twist, prod finally produced the robust CRACK that always accompanied the final install. The cracking sound accompanying a breaking is small, feeble, but deadly sound. Shame on Arai.

Had to pry of the side cover to remove plastic pieces, again no clue as to how that's done.

I am mechanically competent. Now that I have seen the workings, with the side cover off, it is understandable, but still, it requires bending the plastic install/uninstall the shield.

I have a $500 head. But no longer an Arai head. Give me a helmet that requires tools to remove the shield. My ancestors began using toos millions of years ago.
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