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Arai XD Helmet

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Anyone else irritated that the major helmet manufacturers (Arai and Shoei) will not allow vendors to advertise discount prices? I see this is spreading to other items as well (Alpinestars boots).

I have heard an know the arguments, but I still find it an irritation that costs me time and effort.

Arai was the manufacturer that started this.

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There's a brilliant picture attached to the article of Matt Pursley (AMA 343) backing it in to a left-hander.

Matt rides like that ALL THE TIME! I should know, I have to compete against him in our local supermotard series.

The helmet is an interesting curiousity. I wouldn't use it for supermoto racing for the precise reason given in the article. When I'm racing, I get to huffinf and puffing, and a visor just fogs. It's dirt helmets for me!
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