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If it truely had comparable street manners to most other street helmets without the huge visor's. Than other helmet manufacturers need to get their butts in gear and start making street helmets with frigen visors!!!!

How many times have we all had our eyes burned out of our heads from having to ride into the sunset on the way home from work during the short days of winter? And I would assume it would be awsome during rain as well, I know the visor on my old MX helmet did a pretty decent job of keeping the major downpour off my gogles if I titled the helmet just right.

I have used stick on visors before with extremely lame results. They never seem to attatch solid enough. So they vibrate if there at the wrong angle. And they tend to suddenly fly off your helmet at inoportune times. Which is really dangerous cause you pretty much can't help the flinch/wince/look behind you reaction which is not a good thing when your haulin A on the Freeway!!!

I agree with most on this thread. Sure Arai makes some great helmets. But you can definitly get just as good a helmet for half the price 90% of the time. With all helmets whether they cost a hundred dollars or eight hundred dollars. You have to find the one that fits your head. AND buy it from someone that has an exchange program. So if it fit in the shop but kills half an hour down the road you have some recourse.

Hopefully other makers of motorcycle helms will get in on this solidly and permenantly installed areodynamic visor action. AND while there at it why can't we have both a clear and a tinted visor on the helmet at the same time. So we could have the tint flipped down ontop of the clear one during the day, a flip and then the clear that was underneath the rest of the night. AND of course a visor, which would stablize and protect the tinted sheild while it was up, and to deflect the sun and rain when they become visual obstructions...BECAUSE I am sick of being stuck with tint during the night. Being blinded in the day, or getting a headache cause my temples are killing me from having my sunglasses shoved inside my helmet where they were never meant to go. And that stick on off tint is cool but it doesn't have the visual clearity of an actual tinted sheild. And it's a pain to bring an extra sheild with you for every friggin little ride you take. Personally I don't plan every rides begining and ending. So it would be nice to have the right sheild/visor helmet combo for every situation ALL the time...

NOW for that I WOULD pay 550.00....
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