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As promised, the update

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One way or another, I'd imagine he'll get his wish for the death penalty...
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When you treat people poorly (such as punching people in the chest and then laughing at them) sometimes bad things may happen to you. One day you are bound to treat the wrong person poorly. Obviously the "Outlaw bikers" picked the wrong person that day. I have little sympathy.

Yes this man committed murder. Yes he should pay. Yes I feel worse for him than I do those idiot bikers.
Wow, you can't make stuff like this up...

"See this guy get's trashed after fighting with his old lady, and he steals a van to go on a two-week bender. Now, he needs money that he can actually spend, so he tries to find a buyer for an old silver certificate. Where do you go to hock stuff like that? The pier, of course! Who's there looking to buy your collectibles? Outlaw bikers, that's who. I mean, it's the obvious place to go to find the appropriate clientele! So anyways, this guy insinuates the bikers are old, and you know how those guys are about their looks... One of them punches him in the chest and laughs at him. Being shnookered, the antiques dealer in the stolen van follows the bikers to an intersection and runs half of 'em down and..."

Shut up, you're full of s**t...

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If everytime I was treated poorly in my life I KILLED people there would be a lot more dead people in this world. His reaction was beyond all proportion to any injuries incurred by him, was Outrageous and I am Outraged! If I had seen him mow down those "Bikers" and got my hands on him...
Abe Froman

You gotta be kidding. A lowlife kills a few motorcycle riders and you think they got what was coming to them. Are you out of your mind or something? You don't know a thing about these "Outlaw bikers" other than their club's name and what some murderer has for an excuse and yet you take the murderers side. These guys that got murdered most likely have families that loved them and you go and write something like that. Use that pea for a brain to think about what you wrote. Take your time. Hopefully you'll have come to a different conclusion. I'll bet the next time you treat somebody a little harsh that you hope they don't follow and murder you as this s***** of the earth did to these fellow bikers.
Well... He sounds ripe for an insanity plea or manslaughter and might well persuade a jury in his favor.

He suffered a long history of physical abuse, drug abuse, his actions were impulsive, not premeditated, he didn't take the advice of council (he must really be insane for this one) and he killed outlaw bikers who have frightened more than one Floridian, I'm sure. Don't count him out just yet.
Re: No sympathy for the Bikers?

Abe, I don't know if your junior high bully used to pick on you, if your boss is mean to you you, or what people have done to treat you poorly, but you need to get some counseling to deal with these feelings. If you have so much animosity toward people who treat others badly that you don't feel bad when they are killed by being run over by a truck (not a nice way to go), you have some serious issues. We don't even know the Bikers' side of the story, and given all of the actions of the murdurer leading up to this incident (fights, stealing, drunk), why should we take his word on what happened? The alleged punch may be a lie to or he may have done much more to provoke the punch. How do we know he wasn't just mad becasue they wouldn't buy his stupid silver certificate? In any event, there are two reasoanble responses to a punch (1) the macho man response of punching back and using the amount of force necessary to defend yourself or (2) the civilized man response of reporting the assault to the proper authorities. (If he can follow them to run them over, he can get the plate numbers and report them.) However, because the murderer was a gutless chicken and car thief, he cowardly tried to kill them while safe inside his truck and then tried to run from the law. How can you feel more sympathy for him than the Bikers? He had every option and chose his fate. The Bikers didn't choose theirs, even if they did punch him. Please go talk with the people who are treating you poorly or otherwise deal with these feelings before your response gets similarly out of hand. I'm sorry to get so personal, but I just think your reply was so far out there that you need to think about it.
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You forgot one thing. He is "sorry" .............that they are in a gang.
Good luck getting the real story from either side of this conflict.
My bet is still that if the judicial system doesn't get him, then the outlaw justice system (the very same one that he used on the Outlaws), will. And he'd be luckier to choose the judicial one... even if he gets the death penalty, the method used must be "humane" according to law. The outlaw justice system is more concerned with making the punishment fit the crime, which sounds like it might involve tire tracks.
Some years ago I was befriended by a guy I'll call John. Maybe 'cause we were both 'Nam vets he felt comfortable with me. At first he rarely talked much at all, mostly listening as if taking my measure. After I'd known him a couple of years he told me he'd been a member of one of the top three gangs for years.

After a couple of more years he began telling me some of the things he and the gang had done. It wasn't bragging, it was more like really painfull confession.

In combat I've killed people and I've seen men, women and little kids killed. But this was some of the most horrible crap I've ever heard. I listened only because 'John' had left this life, moving 1,000 miles away and starting all over and it was like he was purging his soul.

The result though is there is no way in hell I'll look at members of the Outlaws as just "motorcycle riders". I don't celebrate anyones death, but I won't spend a moment mourning these guys either. I'm a whole lot more in agreement with Abe than you twits that slam him. Just pray you don't get on the wrong side of the Outlaws (or Bandidos or Hells Angels). They won't give a crap about your death.

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So, a scuzzball could get the death penalty for killing a bunch of other scuzzballs. It's win-win. Sounds like the world's gene pool just improved a few notches.

Spare me the "husbands and fathers" crap, too. You can bet their b*tches and broods aren't much different than the old men. I'm not shedding any tears that these family trees lost some branches.

Biker gangs are like the Mafia - scumbags romanticized by dolts who get wet crotches for "outlaws."

"Oooo, just wait til he gets a taste of Outlaw justice, hee hee hee..." Christ. Stop jerking off to Sonny Barger's books and start recognizing these apes for the worthless, misery-causing animals they are.
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Amen, brother

In my line of work, I'm around these and other criminals all day. I work for the federal bureau of prisons. The bikers have the tattoos of the gang they're affiliated with, and that's about all you got to distinguish them. Then you pull up their records and see they're in there for selling drugs, rape, murder, kiddy porn. Just worthless people, no doubt.
Then you pull up their records and see they're in there for selling drugs, rape, murder, kiddy porn.

For a second there I thought you were referring to Congress.
Outlaw website

I didn't know anything about the Outlaws so I googled them and here is their site.

After perusing their site I have come to the conclusion that they are just misunderstood boy scouts.
Aw, darn.

And here I thought you were going to update us regarding a redesign of this circa 1994 style website. I mean, I've seen assisted living facilities and/or adult undergarment product sites with more freshness, vigor, and style than this place.

Frankly, I think MO should be more aesthetically pleasing than the Depend undergarment product site. Compare for yourself:

Or maybe an ostomy comeback site?

For Pete's sake, come on.

Although I can't seem to locate a the total number of paid MO subscribers, I have to assume that since 161 of them are logged in here on a Friday morning, there has to be enough of them to pay for a smartly designed web property. You know, one that actually imbues the reader with the type of aesthetics and functionality appropriate for a sport/hobby like motorcycling?

Got to one of the following for some inspiration:
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I'm sorry, but this twit disagrees with your reasoning. No matter what the horrible crap (in this case one punch and laughing is alleged) committed by a group in society, they don't deserve to be run over without first holding them responsible in a fair way for their crap. If all of the "Outlaw Bikers" deserve to be run over because some (maybe even a great number) are terrible people who did horrible crap, the next logical step is race wars and ethnic clensing. There are black people in certain neighborhoods that have done terrible things, and groups of white people who have done terrible things, and lots of other groups, so do all blacks and whites deserve to die? Do we start running them over as soon as they don anything bad because we already believe thay are bad? Catholics, Mormons, Baptists, Hindus, Buddists, and other religious groups better be ready to die if we think they have ever done terrible things. BE CERTAIN THAT MANY IF NOT MOST CAR DRIVERS DON'T DISTINGUISH BETWEEN AN OUTLAW BIKER AND YOU ON YOUR BIKE; do you and I deserve to be run over because we own a motorcyle? The bottom line is that nobody deserves to be killed, at least not without a fair trial and credible evidence of their INDIVIDUAL bad deeds warranting such punishment. I was a a smartass replying to Abe, a frequent poster to this site, but my point is valid.
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Re: Aw, darn.

those sites are way too 'busy' and cluttered. I'll take my MO.
Re: Aw, darn.

Ditto for me. I log onto MO for the information and the pithy contributions of other "members". Pretty pictures and graphics are rampant elsewhere.
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