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So, a scuzzball could get the death penalty for killing a bunch of other scuzzballs. It's win-win. Sounds like the world's gene pool just improved a few notches.

Spare me the "husbands and fathers" crap, too. You can bet their b*tches and broods aren't much different than the old men. I'm not shedding any tears that these family trees lost some branches.

Biker gangs are like the Mafia - scumbags romanticized by dolts who get wet crotches for "outlaws."

"Oooo, just wait til he gets a taste of Outlaw justice, hee hee hee..." Christ. Stop jerking off to Sonny Barger's books and start recognizing these apes for the worthless, misery-causing animals they are.

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>If all of the "Outlaw Bikers"

>deserve to be run over because

>some (maybe even a great number)

>are terrible people who did

>horrible crap, the next logical

>step is race wars and ethnic


Ummm... how? Where in God's name is the connection?

>There are black people in certain

>neighborhoods that have done

>terrible things, and groups of

>white people who have done

>terrible things, and lots of other

>groups, so do all blacks and

>whites deserve to die?

Being black or being white is not a voluntary criminal behavior. Being an "outlaw biker", by definition, is. That's why they're called "outlaws." A small percentage of blacks and whites do bad things; by definition, 100% of all outlaw bikers do bad things. Do you see the distinction?





Uh, that's only if you DRESS like an outlaw biker (and you're a **** if you do) and ride a similar type of bike. I'm pretty sure the average driver can distinguish between me with my Bandit, multicolor full-face helmet and Alpinestars jacket, and an outlaw biker on a Harley with chaps, a Nazi helmet, and huge jacket patch that says "Satan's Helpers."

Do you also believe that drivers can't differentiate between pedestrians who are hippies and those who are yuppies? They're both walking...

>do you and I deserve to be run

>over because we own a motorcyle?

No. I would deserve to be run over if I belonged to a criminal gang that caused misery to society.

>my point is valid.

Not really.
1 - 2 of 24 Posts
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