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Wow, you can't make stuff like this up...

"See this guy get's trashed after fighting with his old lady, and he steals a van to go on a two-week bender. Now, he needs money that he can actually spend, so he tries to find a buyer for an old silver certificate. Where do you go to hock stuff like that? The pier, of course! Who's there looking to buy your collectibles? Outlaw bikers, that's who. I mean, it's the obvious place to go to find the appropriate clientele! So anyways, this guy insinuates the bikers are old, and you know how those guys are about their looks... One of them punches him in the chest and laughs at him. Being shnookered, the antiques dealer in the stolen van follows the bikers to an intersection and runs half of 'em down and..."

Shut up, you're full of s**t...

1 - 1 of 24 Posts
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