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Agreed... Too bad, because for the last several years SBK has been more exciting than GP, AND regardless of what the pundits tell you, if you look at motocross, it's production based racing that puts new technology on the showroom floor in the quickest, most direct way.

Even for a big Ducati fan like myself, watching a grid full of Ducs isn't that much fun. If it wasn't for the Lavilla vs. Xaus battles, it almost wouldn't be worth watching.

The funny thing is, SBK has become the 'Ducati Cup' (and soon to be the the Ducati/Pirelli cup) more by just sheer lack of participation than anything else. Haga-san had a great year on a Yamaha right before they bailed out, 'Booger' (Edwards) won the championship and then Honda quit, and both Corser and Haga made the Aprillia look promising. Now they're all over in MotoGP, which if it wasn't for Ducati, would basically be the Honda cup.

Who knows, next year could be a Chili/Corser flashback to the late `90s :)

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