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hi im looking for some help with my bike if possible heres my story

i brought a xj 600 n of ebay was told it had been serviced etc

been riding it for a few week then one day it wouldnt start
after some looking and investigating i found the course of my problem

the bike hadnt been service in a long time

the tank had rust in the tank and had passed threw to the carbs and fuel filter and into the system

so i strip the bike down cleaned all the pipe work the carbs new fuel filter cleaned out the tank with so no more rust ive rebulit the fuel system back up with clear pipping and when i started the bike everythink running prop ( bike didnt start ) then i noticed at the back of the carbs where the 3 fuel lines connect each carb there was oil in there and in the carb bottom is petrol so im confuesd how there is oil in the carbs when the bike is a 4 stroke and the oil and fuel dont mix like a 2 stroke

ive got a manual and folled to a tee but i cant figure out how i have oil in the back of the carbs

any help is much greatfull thanks


ps this bike dose not have oil cooler

couple of pic
this pip is goin in to the back of the 4th carb and the pip comes from the rocker cover
IMAG0054 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

this is a small bit of oil in the pips at the back of the carbs ( i know its oil as ive not changed the oil yet and the petrol is flowing clear) it fills up when i turn over the bike
IMAG0052 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

image of my pip work this is how it detailed in my yamaha xj 600n manual
IMAG0053 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
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