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ATF, Police Crack Down On Motorcycle Group

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Wow, 90 whole members in the entire country. What a crisis!

Hell, I could find 90 meth cookers on one city block in the 909. I'll bet some of 'em even have Harleys!
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Guess how many DEA, FBI and ATF officers are on the take. A lot more than 90 I'll bet.
Sheriff Andy.. where's my bullet?

It took this long because with all those pockets in their fancy black tactical gear it took three years for them to go through all those pockets find their bullet.
They also invented drug charges so they could get that neat stuff from the National Guard. you know the tanks and APCs. That sure must have been fun for them.

Funny isn't it that the Feds bulldozed the entire "compound" immediately? That's a pretty weird way of preparing their case against the survivors.

1 - 3 of 36 Posts
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