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ATF, Police Crack Down On Motorcycle Group

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Wow, 90 whole members in the entire country. What a crisis!

Hell, I could find 90 meth cookers on one city block in the 909. I'll bet some of 'em even have Harleys!
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Ah, another high-profile shining moment for the ATF. Why would the ATF be involved in this? Why is there a "Bureau" for legal stuff? Is the ATF an arm of the IRS? It took them 3 years to investigate and react to these things??? I'm pretty sure Barney Fife would have reacted sooner than that. I thought the cops dealt with thefts, assaults and illegal drugs... They all ride Harleys (the gang guys)? AND???...
Gee, it's a Good thing that the ATF started the fire when they did while inserting that CS gas. Can't CS gas be fatal to children?

Oh yeah, I forgot, after all that investigatin' why didn't they just arrest him during one of his regular visits to town?

Sounds like a great job to me, "Honey I'll be late tonight (sounds of glasses clinking in the background) we're investigatin' "
1 - 2 of 36 Posts
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