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ATF, Police Crack Down On Motorcycle Group

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Wow, 90 whole members in the entire country. What a crisis!

Hell, I could find 90 meth cookers on one city block in the 909. I'll bet some of 'em even have Harleys!
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While you're at it could you also explain why the ATF was serving a warrant to investigate "child molestation" at that little ranch in Waco, TX?

Where exactly are they given jurisdiction over such things?
Interesting... I suppose you'd be shocked to know that Koresh had a Federal Firearms Licence which made it perfectly legal for him to have machine guns and sawed off shotguns below 18 inches.

Also interesting is that these supposed charges are NOT mentioned in the search warrant which was issued. As was discovered by the Concressional investigation.

Perhaps you should research things more thoroughly.

Remember... there are some solid truths in this world... one of them is... Governments always lie. Whatever the government says... its never the whole story. When looking through the eyes of history, we find conspiracy theories are not terribly accurate. They are however, infinately more accurate than the stories the governments of the day were perpetuating.

Our own recent history should add even more evidence to this.
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1 - 3 of 36 Posts
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