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Audi motorbike-roadster rumoured.

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First post!
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maybe I,m getting old ,but try as I might I just cannot picture this thing.!!!And at 35,000 euro,s,I can,t

afford one either
What does this have to do with motorcycles? The thing is going to have four wheels! Are articles on Yamaha boats next? Perhaps Honda lawn mowers would be a good topic for discussion here at MOTORCYCLE ONLINE.
the staff must sit around bars every afternoon scratching their heads and saying.... gee what are we going to post in the next 2 or 3 days... hey I saw a stupid article about audi ... yeah that'll do keep the Morons entertained while we think of something to write about motorcycles.... what'd I pay for this? It was too much.....
I think Dr. Winterkornholio should ask Kenny Roberts about the integrity and reliability of KTM as a bussiness partner, before he opens himself up, literally, to some serious kornholio abuse.
There's a new shift happening here, MOrons. The Quad market is trying to edge into the street world. Look at what BMW did with their proto-quad. There are several Euro companies that do 4 wheel conversions on bikes like the 'Busa and ZZR12. I figure that in about 3 or 4 years these very vehicles will be street legal in the US and still qualify for motorcycle insurance coverage. It's a new day people. The re-revolution of Auto bikes, Maxi-scooters, Supermoto bikes and now the Quads are on the way.
One word for ya'll....


VW/Audi Same thing?

The GX3 is to have 127 HP, two wheels up front and one in the rear, Cali car pool lane useable and they claim it’s going to go to production in 07.
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Guys guys don´t be so narrow minded. If KTM builds a 4 wheeler that could be classified as a motorbike, I guess it is something that should be noted here too. This is called "pushing the envelope"

- cruiz-euro
Now I can picture it,thanks!Buttttttttttt uh a 4 wheeled busa? Holy wtf was that Batman?
You know,about three yrs ago,I pitched an idea to Nissan to build a three wheeld sort of motorcycle trike hybrid [one wheel in front,two in the back.Welllllllll,it,s nice to know that my dreams are coming true,no money ,but hey I,m stupid...
I saw it ,man what a nice now I gotta save up more money?iI want one now!!!!!
Re: Audi motorbike-roaster rumoured.

No! Make it stop! This is, not Enough already!

But if you guys want to cross over, maybe test a vintage Dunecycle. The wave of the future. Just ask Allsport-Steens.
From Motorcycle; A two-wheeled motor vehicle resembling a heavy bicycle, sometimes having two saddles and a sidecar with a third wheel.

No mention of four wheels.
I don't see how they could get it registered as a motorcycle when it has four wheels. Right now the Ariel Atom has for wheels and is as open and small as you can get with a four wheeled vehicle but it is still classified as a car even without a windscreen trellis frame with no body panels and being the size of a go-cart. 4 wheels=car. Sounds like this is a copy of the Atom not a motorcycle car hybrid like the GX-3 or the T-rex, the latter of which actually uses a Kawasaki engine.

I talked to VW at the LA auto show and things look promising for a 2007 release of the GX-3. We also talked about mods they may do before release including switching to shaft or belt drive instead of chain, adding a turbo or supercharger, different size tire options etc, ABS, traction control, etc. I insisted of they wanted to get people to buy them they keep them as simple as possible, as fast as possible, and as cheap as possible much like the Atom which can do 0-60 in under 2.5 seconds and can handle curves like nothing else on the road. Keep it under $20k, have a 0-60 time under 5 seconds, and have it stick like glue in curves and they will sell a few to enthusiasts without having to add lots of fancy extras.
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Re: Audi motorbike-roaster rumoured.

HAHAHAHAHAH![demonic overaged grade B actor after having a few glasses of whines].look over your shoulder that,s me gaining on ya!
I heard a rumour that Mack could be bringing out a new concept vehicle developed in cooperation with a renowned custom motorcycle builder. The structure will be classified as a motorcycle rather than a truck, even though it has three axles, six wheels and will be powered by a turbocharged six cylinder diesel engine rated at 600hp.
Back to real motorcycles, and in particular KTM .The other day the world lost one of its top motorcycle riders. Australian rider,Andy Caldercot was killed while competing in the Paris to Dakar rally.
I realize it's not really a bike and it wouldn't replace what I already ride, but if it's legally classified as a bike by CA DMV I'd definitely consider buying one if whatever they end up producing is close (in features and price) to the model they showed at the LA show. I recently bought a Lotus Elise, but if the GX3 is around $20k I could unload it to buy the VW and have enough left over for a pickup to haul my bike plus a hang glider.

The bottom line for me is that I'm a member of the target market for this.
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