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Aussie GP Results

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I think we had this same discussion last year at the same time.

Obviously, Rossi is the best of his generation, by far. When he is racing, it is usually for second place for the rest of the field.

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Coupla things.

1) The last lap was amazing. Even my ten-year-old daughter thought it was exciting and after the race kept saying "Rossi won! I can't believe it. Rossi won!" although her perspective on GP racing is somewhat warped around Vale being "the cutest one."

2) Anybody else notice how ticked off Sete was? After the race in the post-race interview he said something like "Congratulations to Vale on the title," and then shut up and crossed his arms over his chest. He was freaking' fit to be tied that Rossi nipped him two turns from the finish.
Yeah, Rossi and Sete both seem to have pretty good senses of humor.

From the outside it's sorta silly that they're ticked off at each other.

Max and Valentino? Sure, their personalities are like oil and water. It follows that they wouldn't get along.
Sete and Rossi

I hope you're right about Gib and Rossi, Captain. And given how competitive these guys are it's understandable that Sete would be pretty frustrated. He had a great season of racing and not only does Rossi get the title but nips past him on the last lap at Philip Island to win a GP that Sete led almost the entire way.

Yeah, Biaggi has that prima donna thing goin' pretty good, eh?
1 - 3 of 92 Posts
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