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This is the case allover something that involves some sort of technology.

Could Fangio outbeat Schumacher ?

Coul "Steady" Eddie rip off rossi ? or even Dohan ?

Who nows!?

what I think is in those days rider/driver/pilot count. It could make a difference. Nowadays it still does but the gap is narrowing.

At the same time, young riders are getting used to nicely tuned machines and they just step up.

Just look at their age.

Does anybody thinks that Rossi will keep up for the next 3 years ? With riders like Vermeulen ? Take a look at Pedrosa. He's only 19.

Things are happening much faster now. And that's not only in lap times....

I do think that Rossi is actualy the greatest. However nostalgia of Sheene, Lawson, Dohan, Shwantz, Roberts and the kind stil rules....

I guess it's the age.
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