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Aussie GP Results

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I think we had this same discussion last year at the same time.

Obviously, Rossi is the best of his generation, by far. When he is racing, it is usually for second place for the rest of the field.

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Of course, tires, chassis, suspension and power delivery all all much better understood by today's engineers and all of them have had MAJOR strides made in the realm of ridability and control. So, although it is true that the bikes are much faster today, they are also much more tunable and most likely easier to ride than say a 1970s' Yamaha TZ-700.

Re: Rossi like Mladin are the greatest.


You have to hurry back from Hawaii, cause I've just secured an Aprilia Tuono and Yamaha FZ-1 for a three-way Super-Standard Shootout. When will you be back? -Sean

The differences are indeed dramatic. However, clumsy control inputs are not something found at the highest levels of motorcycle racing. Not in the 50s', 60s', 70s', 80's, 90s' or today. So though it is true that being clumsy will quickly land you in the hay bales, it isn't anything that you'd of caught Agostini, Hailwood, Reed, Roberts, Sheen, Spencer, Gardner, Lawson, Rainey, Schwantz, Doohan, etc doing. Therefore, I still maintain that they would not be caught-out by the excellence of today's MotoGP bikes. In fact, it is my assertion that the mid-80s' through late 90s' riders dealt with by far the hardest to ride motorcycles ever produced for racing.

That said, I do think that Rossi is one of the all time motorcycle racing greats and perhaps "the best ever" -Sean
Re: Rossi like Mladin are the greatest.

FZ-1, Tuono, and some guy's privately owned MV Brutale S.

Sat is no sweat, we're looking at about two weeks from now anyway. -Sean
1 - 4 of 92 Posts
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