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Aussie GP Results

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I think we had this same discussion last year at the same time.

Obviously, Rossi is the best of his generation, by far. When he is racing, it is usually for second place for the rest of the field.

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WEll, one thng about Agostini and Rossi is that comparing them is comparing apples and oranges. Ago would race the 350, win that race, then get on the 500 and race that too (same day) and, much as I loved him when I was growing up, the MV Agusta was a dominating machine, almost never broke down (bikes used to break down more in racing than today) and Ago never made a mistake. What Rossi did this year is unbelievable: Honda for much of the year should have had the better bike, but Rossi negated that advantage. I think beside his enormous talent as racer, he must be absolutely excellent at helping his team set up and improve the bike.
Re: Excellent points....

Hayden???? HAYDEN???? Are you nuts? go look at Hayden's standing in the championship and that on what is supposed to be the best Honda out there. Hayden's tactic has been to go slow and hope people in front of him fall. He is like Biaggi with less talent. Even Barros (or "zombie Barros" as he's known) has been doing better than Hayden and nobody would mistake Barros for a world champion.
Very well said! Remember last years Australian Grand Prix? Rossi gets a 10 second penalty, he has already won the championship, the commentators are saying "too bad about the penalty, etc." so he starts pushing in the last laps (never make him mad!), while the guys on TV say "It's impossible, there is no way he can make up ten seconds" and he wills the bike to win by sliding, hanging, farting, whatever, and makes up something like more than a second a lap on his closest competitors. AND: He did not need to do that!!!! What a competitor! Everyone else looked like he was on a scooter.
1 - 3 of 92 Posts
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