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Aussie GP Results

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I think we had this same discussion last year at the same time.

Obviously, Rossi is the best of his generation, by far. When he is racing, it is usually for second place for the rest of the field.

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"Che Spettacolo" (T-shirt), Meraviglioso, Fantastico, Incredibile, Bravo, Velocissimo, Primo - et cetera. You donna have to speke de Englese to know what amma speeking.

I sound like him in print, don't I?
How correct - Jordan himself mentioned Rossi's name on Two Wheel Tue's wonderful interview- he and Hayden were the first ones he mentioned.
At first I wasn't going to respond to this vituperative fucillade of invectives, but alas, I cannot resist to correct you on a small point of my geographical ethnocentricity.

You misspelled "Greece" and you probably meant "Italy" in the sequitur. You're wrong, my erudite collegial paisan. I'm neither - but I am in between - I'm Croatian.

It's okay - it happens to the beast of us.
1 - 3 of 92 Posts
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