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Australian GP Results

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That was a great race. Rossi again shows the world who is boss.

Hayden showed the world he really belongs at the show. The race for 3rd place was the most exciting racing. Actually the best racing I've seen in a long time. Great to see him at the interview after the race.
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There were other times when riders were a cut above the rest. The years when Agostini was racing without having to compete with Hailwood resulted in demolition jobs like this 1968 - 1972. Everyone else was racing for second. Was that the MV or was that Ago? A bit of both I suspect because he showed what he could do changing to Yamaha winning two further world titles (350 and 500) and winning the Daytona 200 in 1974 and by then he had a long career behind him so wasn't exactly young. Phil Read won on the MV too to show that the bike was good in its time. By 1976 it was outpaced by the 2 strokes and was retired.

As for other riders Spencer did a wonderful job the year he won the 250 and 500 titles. I saw the Silverstone races on TV, it was pissing with rain and he won by miles in both races if I remember rightly.

Since then there were the years Doohan was streaking away from the field once Schwantz had retired.

Rossi is special though, 5 world titles by the time he is 24. There is no question the Honda helps Rossi like the MV helped Ago way back. To be on the best bike of the time helps for sure.

Nicky is coming on though and at current rate of progression he may not be far behind next year.
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