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Axio Tekno Laptop Hard Case

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Hooray, no more flamer boots!
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Re: It's not the cost of the laptop dude. The Private Sector for Dummies...

And my life and personal concerns FAR outweigh some lost time and delay at work...
So have we crash-tested one yet? I'd like to see how much protection there actually is, and whether or not it would save kpaul's precious data in a get-off.

Re: It's not the cost of the laptop dude. The Private Sector for Dummies...

I too back stuff on the server, on disk, and I keep paper copies of the most important stuff. If you truely have important things on your computer that in "real world" are so important, I'm sure they get you new equipment post haste. There is still nothing more important on my computer than my welfare. If you put your work ahead of your health I would say that you have messed up priorities. There are exceptions like firefighters and being in the armed services.

Let me guarantee you that my "real world" is every bit as real and cutthroat as yours. I have to walk a much straighter path than you do with much more dire consequences for "alleged" mistakes.

Now let me speak for all educators, not just for myself. Teaching is the second most important profession there is. I have to concede to the medical profession as being the most important. But of course if there weren't teachers, where would doctors come from?
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Re: It's not the cost of the laptop dude. The Private Sector for Dummies...

Another thing, why are you always such an a**hole right off the bat in all of your posts? You obviously think you are smarter than everyone else so why even bother conversing with us. We are all so below your IQ, reading, and experience level they we could never possibly get your genius, much less prove you wrong. So why do you even both with us proletariate?
Re: It's not the cost of the laptop dude. The Private Sector for Dummies...

Maybe that is why India, Japan, Koriea, even Russia are kicking are ass.
Re: It's not the cost of the laptop dude. The Private Sector for Dummies...

Welcome to the KPAUL fan club. Its amazing how well he makes friends.
The Education industry gets an F then.

I wonder why your kids (customers) are getting their colletive asses kicked by the Japanese, Indians, Koreians, hell most of the industrialized world on standardized test scorres in math and science. Yes I agree your job is important but your are failing at it . And don't give that we don't get paid enough. You work 9 months out of the year for chris's sake.

My daughter has only done well in math and science, because she has an engineer as a tutor (myself). Her SAT scores compared to her peers proved it...

My sisters are both teachers. One has her Phd in Education. My brother is a VP of Engineering of a small Radar company. He agrees with me. My sisters whine they have no clue what the real world of budgets, mergers, outsorurcing is like. Perhaps we need to outsource teachers next....
Re: The Education industry gets an F then.

Again you don't have a clue what you are talking about. You read something you know a couple of people who sound pretty detatched from actual classroom teaching. It is well known in teaching circles that the vast majority of teachers that leave classroom teaching for administrative jobs could hack it.

These standardized tests are a joke and don't even really test what they are supposedly testing. Not to mention if you are a big believe if standardized testing you should love George W.! Only select kids take these test in the other counties all of our kids take them. Even the drug dealing only comes to school a week out of the year takes these tests.

You don't want foriegn teachers teaching your or anyone elses kid. They would be totally lost. All of these other counties you speak of completely separate school from any social activities. There are school teams and dance and five minute passing periods. The principals and teachers are much better respected for their expertise and don't have to deal with discipline and xbox like we do. Teachers in these counties are revered in their communities so if they call home and tell the parents their kid is being a little bastard the problem gets solved at home. Here they put the kid on medication, make an IEP that states if the kid doesn't hit anyone for a week the school, your tax money, has to buy the kid a bag or spicy cheetos. I didn't make that up, it actually happened at my school last year. That same kid repeatedly sexually harassed fenale students, cussed out teachers, and we had to put with it. It wasn't until he assaulted a teacher and she pressed charges against the kid that he finally got expelled. By the way his mom was the principal of another school, but not in our district. These foreign teachers you want would have the first clue how to deal with a kid like that. You want better tests and education, get better parents and politicians who don't know jack about teaching off teachers' back so we can do our jobs.

Teaching in these other counties consists of a person standing in fornt of a class of attentive children, lecutring to them and assigning homework, which actually gets turned in. How do I know this. Did I read a journal or paper? Nope. I have talked with teachers from these coutries you praise and with fellow teachers here that have gone to observe teaching in these counties and this is what happens.

People in industry have no idea about budgeting kids and time. My curriculum grows but more of my time gets taken away. Like the nine weeks of a 38 week school year for testing. How productive would your office be if you had a fourth of your work time taken away from you. This all the tip of an iceberg you know nothing about no matter what you read.

Consequently, my students get into medical school and tell me how help my explanations of material are to even some of the much more complicated topics they have in college. Of course it is your well-known M.O. to spout off about stuff you know nothing about.

Oh and you work ethic sucks because look how much you post here and at what times of the day you post. Don't give me shyt for a nine month work schedule. I only get paid for those nine months and not a day more. My hours are much longer than yours and I have to spend many more days off actually at work or doing work than you do. I know this by all of your extra curricular activities and on this site. Plus all the political stuff you scavenger off the net. Do you ever actually do work? It has been fun proving you wrong and once again having you show what a schmuck you are, but it is dinner time and then I have to spend the rest of the night grading papers. More of my failed attempts to teach eighth graders wave properties...
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Facts and Data Questins?

How much money per captia are we spending on education? relative to other countries who are kicking our ass?

How many Computer Scientists and Engineers are we graduatinng? How many kids are prepared for the engineering curriclulim at U.S. engineering schools? How many U.S. born Phds are we producing?

Do you want to continue with this game. By all measures the Education system in this country is failing....
Re: It's not the cost of the laptop dude. The Private Sector for Dummies...

In the dog eat dog world of cut throat competition of the real world time is money and opportunities lost.....

Yeah, Boeing, Airbus and Lockheed fighting it out for more time at the government tit. Brutal!
I have the answers!

"why are you always such an a**hole right off the bat in all of your posts?"

Answer: Because he IS an a$$hole!!

"You obviously think you are smarter than everyone else so why even bother conversing with us."

Answer: Because he IS an a$$hole!!

"We are all so below your IQ, reading, and experience level they we could never possibly get your genius, much less prove you wrong. So why do you even both with us proletariate?"

Answer: Because he IS an a$$hole!!

I think I aced this one teach, but it was a rigged test, where all the questions had the same answer. I have a theory. Respond to a complete idiot, and he will respond in kind like a....well....complete idiot. Welcome to KPuke's world. Hope you enjoy your stay.
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Re: Facts and Data Questins?

One last post and I am done arguing with the village idiot. Saying our education system is failing is like saying Rossi riding a 50cc scooter and loosing to you on a zx-10 means you're a better rider. American students have too many distractions. Parenting in this country has gone right down the tubes (We hold kids and parents responsible for nothing!). All of these foreigners come to our country for their educations. They work much harder than our kids in their schooling. These other countries economies are growing quickly because of cheap labor. Their econonies are no where near ours, you are just buying into alarmist hype. You have an engineering job which you owe to hard work and your inferior american education. Of course I have suspicions that you are actually just a college kid yourself and make up the rest of your life because of your maturity level and regurgataion of liberal propaganda that runs rampant on college campuses due to inexperienced students and elitist attitudes of professors.

I will continue this conversation when you attend a middle school science class in one of these countries, whose educational system you admire so much, and then come to mine and tell me which class you want your own kids in. Or give me a class of these foreign kids that have been raised with hard working values and taught to respect authority and at the end of the year we'll give them your all knowing standardized test over the year's material I my classes scores will whip the Japaruskie teacher's ass. America's teachers are second to none, they are just stuck with 50cc students and lousy mechanics who want to read books on suspension set up instead of getting their hands dirty spending time actually working on the bike.

P.S. Questions, dip***** not questins. I'm sure you can figure out what a smart ass minus the smart is.
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Re: It's not the cost of the laptop dude. The Private Sector for Dummies...

And if all his bullshyt was true, then think about how much money Boeing is losing, and how many opportunities they lost with him posting on the Internet day and night. Imagine if he used that time actually working. Engineers on the Internet all day doing nothing? Smells like a rat to me.
Re: Facts and Data Questins?

Computer Science? Engineering? Why bother??? For an American kid today those are perpetual tickets to unemployment.

You'd better teach Mandarin or Hindi along with the tech stuff cuz THAT'S where the "jobs of the future" are..

I'd rather see my kids take up plumbing... at least they'll be able to find work.
Re: I have the answers!

Since he has no appreciation for educators I can only hope he will go to a military base and lecture returning troops and their families on the uselessness and failure of their jobs. I mean after all statistics show we haven't found Osama, so the soldiers who are actually out in the field must be failing. I'm sure they will listen attentively to his inciteful and intelligent views.
Re: It's not the cost of the laptop dude. The Private Sector for Dummies...

No, no, this is what happens if laptops aren't protected.

Step 1) KPaul loses his exhaustive New Kids on the Block MP3 collection on his laptop in a fiery explosion of a motorcycle crash that could be seen from orbit. Terry McAuliffe obviously had this arranged in retaliation for KPaul's subliterate pre-election "help".

Step 2) Boeing then shutters the doors and sends everyone home forever due to this irreparable loss.

Step 3) Due to the demise of Boeing, two months later the biggest economic activities in America are foraging and street-fighting. Damn you, George W Bush!!11!eleven!
All it really needs is a bottle of medical-nitrous, and a shock-switch that automatically calls 911.

That way you can anesthetizes yourself, while you’re waiting for the ambulance.

Reality for Teachers and Red Staters.

Send me an email via MO and I will respond back with my corporate email account.

Fact 1. I work with engineers from China, Canada, and India. All educated in their own countries not in the U.S. Most have better english skills than their U.S. counterparts. Something which is taught at the K-12 level.

Fact 2. No longer do these folks have to come to the U.S. for a quality education. In fact some say Cal Tech and MIT are now inferior to IIT India Institute of Technology See 60 minutes web site.

Fact 3. American students have lower test scores in Math and Science than their peers.

Fact 4. The U.S. advantage of an open and free market is no longer solely U.S. India and China have a very robust free market systems now. Capital flows in some cases even faster than in the U.S.

Fact 5. The U.S. can no longer claim the monopoly on inovation or money spent on R&D.
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Soldiers are not to blame

W is to blame. Iraq was a diversion. Go read General Clark's web site. W and Rummy outsourced the job to Afghan war lords who can be bought.
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