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Axio Tekno Laptop Hard Case

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Hooray, no more flamer boots!
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Re: Let's think about this....

"real engineer"

right how come you are in IAM instead of SPEEA???
Re: Nobody cares

Must be all that inbreeding down in South King er North Pierce County that got me confused. He must be your cousin on your moms side & nephew on your dads side huh????
Re: Let's think about this....

I have B.S. Electrical Engineerig numnuts.

So is the IUOE for like steam locomotive engineers.? In you case the locomotive is on blocks at the DC.
Re: What - no love?

Sorry for leving you out. I just haven't cooked up a nickname for you. tricycle_pilot, sportbike_trainee, sportbike_wannabe... Nothing has clicked yet. Nothing like longNazi.
21 - 24 of 79 Posts
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