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Axio Tekno Laptop Hard Case

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Hooray, no more flamer boots!
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Re: It's not the cost of the laptop dude. The Private Sector for Dummies...

First of all longslime. My day starts at 5:30 and ends usually at 6 here. I have flex time and the choice to work viirtaul. As long as my gruop gets it work done on time and under budget I get big rasises unlike you. You should be talking coder...
You're the rat

You are such a hypocrite. I was defending the reason why people would buy such a backpack for their laptops. Maybe I should refresh your memory of you kiss ass post which says you would be interested in the tool. You are such a bully. Anytime you can step in and look like you are agreeing with someone yet what your are really doing in sharing your love for me with others....
Genetically, or speculatively?
Re: Facts and Data Questins?

All this debate makes me wonder if this thing could be used as a school lunch-box.
Here's an idea: Get TWO COMPUTERS!!! ONE at home and ONE at work!!!

Re: Facts and Data Questins?

LOL thanks for puting the proper perspective on this. :)
Software license costs can make that cost prohibitive

Software licenses per CPU. I have some software on my machine that costs about 10,000. Big blue says one license per CPU.
Maybe I should get one and paint flames on it. I could have it autographed by longNazi, buzBoy, seraWacko, sarNelly, sTumbler, mrKneeCaps, BMW4Play, msCruddy, peeBad, madDag, eBrass, racerBoySean etc. Call it the KPail
Re: Nobody cares

I don't know what I did to get your panties in such a bind and I would have liked to kiss and make up, but now that you bunched me in with k-punch I just want to kick your ass.

No wait, I want to kick k-p's ass not yours. sooo sorry I got you two mixed up.

plus your right we need a lot more time with this backpack article to really get all the info.
Here's some other options for ya K...

I have an older model I've been using for years and it works great - cost me an even C note so definitely reasonable.
Re: It's not the cost of the laptop dude. The Private Sector for Dummies...

Good job, longride. Looks like you got KBucket pretty hot under the collar.

By the way, did you notice that this site's resident Idiot McCain Republican (a redundancy) is linking to the Clowntoon Presidential Library and Massage Parlor now? Pretty funny behavior for someone who claims to be a Republican.
Re: It's not the cost of the laptop dude. The Private Sector for Dummies...

Yeah, he's a Republican all right. Just like he's an engineer. He couldn't engineer a good fart. Never new engineering was a job that you could be onthe Internet 24/7. My job IS the Internet, so I have an excuse. And Clinton needs to just go away. We had enough of his BS over 8 years. I can't stand looking at his face any more. Maybe there are some ugly, fat chicks he can hit on where he hangs out now, and just leave us alone.
Re: Nobody cares

I apologize from the bottom of my heart for lumping you in with KPaul. Nobody should endure an insult like that. That said, it's bad form to post your subscription time here. Either stay or go.
Re: It's not the cost of the laptop dude. The Private Sector for Dummies...

" Never new engineering was a job that you could be onthe Internet 24/7"

First it's knew not new. How in the heck do you think we communicate with other engineers in Moscow, Japan, India by mail???? Hey come to Seattle and I will give you a tour. Let me know when you are here??? I show my sheepskin, office, plant etc....
Re: Let's think about this....

Incredibly enough kpail works for the same company as I, though I am a real engineer, not a pencil pusher.

Believe me, we want bro K spending all his time on the internet, minimizes the damage that way. Besides suggesting beef recipes to Hindus and pork cooking tips to Muslims he can't do to much damage

Beside our company is in a race to the bottom seeing how much work it can outsource and still push an airplane out the door from time to time. Pretty soon he'll be designing coffee cup lids at Star****s.
Re: Nobody cares

Carefull, his brothers an attorney who will put a lean on your house for threating him......
Re: Nobody cares

My cousin is an attorney and he will put a lien on your boat and triumph sarNelly. I know where you live.....:)
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