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<B>Burns:</B>: Friday Fanaticism

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Re: Burns:: Friday Fanaticism

More power to you, JB! Glad you have a new venue to showcase your remarkable talent. This coming from me - a slightly right-leaning, pro-capitalist bonehead who doesn't have all the answers. Peace out, brother.
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Re: Burns:: Friday Fanaticism

Hey Bro. Lay off the juice. Time and place and all that. As far as americans being over consumers, it's because were over workers. Tell them to get off their asses and do something constructive and then they will have a little excess also. But the whole SUV thing I don't get. If I had the money for an SUV I'd spend it on a BMW or American GT. It's an intimidation thing for a lot of them I think.

A lot of these SUV are really trucks and should be subject to the same limitations on the highways as commercial vehicles.
Re: Selfishness vs. self-interest

Intellectual *******. Did I spell that right Plato? Go play with your categorical imperatives.

Kant head.
Re: Friday Fanaticism

Well I guess we can sum this all up by saying there are a lot of jerks out there but a jerk

on a motorcycle is far less dangerous to society then a jerk in a LARGE SUV.

I'm for putting an excess tax on suv's and piping that money to the victims of their

gluttony. In NY we have parkways were no trucks are allowed and neither should suv's

be allowed.
1 - 3 of 211 Posts
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