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<B>Burns:</B>: Friday Fanaticism

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Re: Burns:: Friday Fanaticism

More power to you, JB! Glad you have a new venue to showcase your remarkable talent. This coming from me - a slightly right-leaning, pro-capitalist bonehead who doesn't have all the answers. Peace out, brother.
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Re: Burns:: Friday Fanaticism

Re: Your last job; why is it I am not surprised at the "real reason" you got fired? Why is it that people at both extremes (the Left is no better than the Right here) can not stand opposing points of view? I'm a capitalist and a true conservative (i.e. I think the government's job is to protect people's rights, be sure the food, water and air are not toxic, protect our borders and otherwise stay the hell out of our lives) but the current direction this country scares me to death.

Re: The SUV thing; I'm not in favor of passing laws to ban or limit SUVs, what I don't understand is why social pressure isn't brought against gas hogs. Hey folks, where do you think Osama's Bin Moron's $3,000,000,000 came from? YOU! Pretty much every dollar in the Mid-East is a petro dollar.

What do we get from our so-called leader? Doing drugs supports terrorism. Yes, some cocaine lords in Columbia still hide behind the facade of being revolutionaries but they are not the ones who have blown up are airplanes, embassies and the World Trade Center. Every time you fill up that 35 gallon tank your are sending money to our enemies. Add hurting our balance of trade, dirtying the air and possible contributing to global warming. I can't figure out how SUV drivers can walk down the street without being harassed.
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Re: no, it was the stock market.

Details. Without Petro dollars the Bin Laden family would not have had money to invest in tech or insurance. Petro dollars fund every Middle-Eastern terrorist organization.

Our government has decided to ignore the obvious and is spending millions of dollars to try to convince us that (yet again) drug use is the problem. One whipping boy hasn't been used this much since Hitler blamed the Jews for all Germany's problems. I can't wait for the next one, maybe drug use caused the national debt? The decline of the abalone in California? Stinky feet?

Could it be that pointing out where our money is going might hurt the source of all that soft money? Just a thought.
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