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Re: Burns:: Friday Fanaticism

I think gluttony has little to do with why Islamic peoples hate the USA. I must confess that I drive a 14 year old Caprice Wagon,which was the SUV of the '80's(but you CAN see over it while on a motorcycle and it WON'T rollover!). As a participant in "gluttony", may I say that I'd much rather spend my money on a motorcycle than trade in my ole' wagon for years of indebtedness paying off the loan on a more current model!

Burnsey-did you ever stop to think that our CIA and politicians messed in the affairs of MANY of these same Islamic countries for DECADES? Take Iran for example- We put the Shah in power,kept him in power,and our CIA trained his secret police in torture techniques. Most of our interference since WWII was not in the interests or desires of much of the populace in these countries.

A second reason they hate us is our backing of Israel,which they would have pushed into the Mediterranean decades ago without our 7-10 BILLION dollars of arms and aid to Israel EVERY year,almost since Israel's founding in the late '40's. They HATE Israel and they hate the USA for making Israel possible for decades.

And I think you are VERY misinformed. To them, we ARE heathens and INFIDELS! Anyone who's not Islamic almost automatically gets lumped in those catagories in their culture.

Just my humble opinion,of course!
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