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<B>Burns:</B>: Friday Fanaticism

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Re: Burns:: Friday Fanaticism

More power to you, JB! Glad you have a new venue to showcase your remarkable talent. This coming from me - a slightly right-leaning, pro-capitalist bonehead who doesn't have all the answers. Peace out, brother.
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Re: Burns:: Friday Fanaticism

Personally, I've always enjoyed your drunken unprofessional behavior and secretly wished I could be an entertaining drunk as opposed to just revealing a little too much about my personal life after a few rounds of OEM wine-n-dine. But I digress...

I really want to comment on those friggin' SUVs. You see, as I lie here on my couch, icing my back, popping Advil, and having a ****tail or two (strictly for medicinal purposes), I've been thinking of other effects that SUVs have on the general public. My wife's battered Miata (the closest you can come to a revvy little inline four bike and still have four wheels, IMNSHO) sits battered in the driveway. The Jeep Grand Cherokee (with dry cleaning hanging in the passenger side window, no less) that attempted anal penetration with a closing speed of around 35mph escaped with nothing more than a cracked grill and a slightly dented bumper. (Yes, there was probably hidden damage that she'll have to pay for--I hope.) I don't think the short-skirted, sandle-clad chickie that hit us really needed the Jeep's four wheel drive to navigate the wilds of Burbank, but I could be wrong.

The last time I was on the receiving end of a SUV (a white Bronco in So. Cal!) I left the scene with a totaled bike and a knee that took over a year to recover. And I felt lucky. But I digress again...

Then today, during the round of "We're OK" phone calls that always follow events like this weekend's rear-ending, my mother, who lives on the other coast, informs me that a teenaged girl, armed with a SUV and a cell phone (the other urban scourge) had successfully killed two members of a family of four (with the remaider in critical, I believe) just days ago.

So, I'm thinking that there's more than just gluttony going on here. And if you don't mind, I think I'll appropriate a slogan from bumper stickers I've seen alot of lately: SUVs (War on the on the stickers) don't decide who's right, only who's left.

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Ah, corn...

You know what really tickles me about people pushing gasohol derived from corn as a green fuel? The fertilizers used to grow our abundance of corn is derived from--yes, you guessed it--petrolium!

Don't you just love irony?
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